Welcome to the official website of the Islamic Foundation of Ireland.
Here you can find information about Islam and Muslims in Ireland, such as mosques, prayer timetables and general information. Also you may find some basic informationand articles regarding Islam.

About IFI

The Islamic Foundation of Ireland (IFI) was formed in 1959 by Muslim students. The society is registered as a Friendly Society and as a charitable organization. The Society established the first mosque in Ireland in 1976.

IFI Membership

The IFI constitution is made up of 21 rules which make up the general structure and principles of the society.


The Islamic Foundation of Ireland receives Zakat and Sadaqah from Muslims and distributes them on their behalf to the needy and poor Muslims in Ireland and abroad.

Friday Khutbas

Here you can find some of recent Friday's khutbas in English available to download

Become a Volunteer

Islamic Foundation of Ireland (IFI) is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers willing to help with the running of events at the mosque.

Contact Us

For full contact details as well as how to find us, please go to our contact page.